About the Hackathon

The Hackathon is a three-day event aimed primarily for students at Reutlingen University and the partner universities of the event: University of Vilnius, University of Latvia and University of Tartu. The first of the two hackathons was held from 30 September to 1 October 2019 at the Kaunas Faculty of Vilnius University. The project is supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) with funds from the Federal Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany as part of the project competition of the Liaison Office of the Baltic-German University (HochSchulKontor).


Industry 4.0, IoT, Automation, Visualization, Process Management. The task and objective of the project work is quite open, only the points data acquisition and visualization should be used.

Location: Reutlingen University, Alteburgstraße 150, Building 9 (Faculty of Computer Science), Room tbd.


We will first offer some workshops to introduce the topic data acquisition to visualization and then the participants will receive 24 hours to develop their prototypes. For the development of the prototypes, microcontrollers and a large number of sensors will be provided for the participants. However, it is not necessary to use IoT Devices for the design of the idea or concept. During the group work, the students are supported by the supervisors in technical and conceptual matters.


Thanks to our prize sponsor, we can fortunately inform you that a prize money of 1500€ will be provided by the company Aicomp. Thanks for this support !

Program schedule

6.11 Wednesday

16:00 Start @ Reutlingen University – Building 9

17:00 Welcome and get-together at a brewery tour and tasting session

18:00 Dinner (at your own expense)

20:30 Technical Workshops @ Reutlingen University

23:30 End of pre program

7.11 Thursday

09:00 Conceptual Workshops

13:00 Hackathon Start 24h

18:00 End of support by supervisors

8.11 Friday

09:30 Start of Excursion at Reutlingen University

10:00 Company Visit: Spectra GmbH (Industrial Computer Manufacuring, IoT)

15:30 Presentation of the group results @ Management Cockpit (shown on the left)

16:15 Announcement of the winners and award ceremony

16:45 End of „hackin4 2019“

// Offered Workshops //

Technical Workshops

  • Building Architecture and Infrastructure for IoT Projects
  • Acquisition: Microcontroller programming and sensor reading
  • Processing and storage: Flow-based logic development with NodeRED and connection to a database
  • Visualization: Development of a native management cockpit application with presentation of data using Grafana

Conceptual Workshops

  • Industry 4.0: Basics, Methods and Scenarios
  • Overview of current developments: From monitoring to automation up to autonomy
  • Process Management and Optimization: Capturing, analyzing and improving processes with BPMN

Participating Universities


Prize sponsor:

Pictures from the HackIn4 Hackathon in Reutlingen 2019

Wednesday: Brewery tour and technical workshops

Thursday: Conceptual workshops and hackathon start

Thursday: Midnight hackathon session until 4 a.m.

Friday: Company visit at Spectra

Friday: Presentation of results and award ceremony

Impressions Hackathon 2019 @Kaunas

Organizational Team

Our members from Reutlingen University, Vilnius University, University of Latvia and Tartu University
Prof. Armin Roth

Prof. Armin Roth

Reutlingen University

AOI: Management Science

Prof. Herbert Glöckle

Prof. Herbert Glöckle

Reutlingen University

AOI: Process Management

Prof. Vladislav Fomin

Prof. Vladislav Fomin

Vilnius University (Lithuania)

AOI: Information Systems

Prof. Raimundas Matulevicius

Prof. Raimundas Matulevicius

University of Tartu

AOI: Information Security

Prof. Guntis Arnicans

Prof. Guntis Arnicans

University of Latvia

AOI: Software Engineering

Wjatscheslav Baumung

Wjatscheslav Baumung

Reutlingen University

AOI: Information Systems